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Holdrege Middle School Fifth Sixth Grade finishes 5th in the National Quiz Bowl Contest  America Answers!!!!
by Ron Evans
The Holdrege Middle School Academic Quiz Bowl fifth and sixth grade Team competed online in the Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl contest, America Answers.  The contest had nearly 300 schools from all classes, at the fifth and sixth grade levels, competing nationally.  The schools ranged from private to specialized public schools and more.  The contest was made up of 100 questions which covered many different academic areas.   Teams were given a choice of 4 answers, with points gained by speed of choosing the answer, and the correctness in the answer. Holdrege Middle School finished in 5th place out of the 300 schools.  The Dusters finished with 1209 points and a 95% correctness rate.
The fifth and sixth grade HMS Academic Quiz Bowl finished the year very successfully with many trophies in ESU 11 Quiz Bowl contests, and Computer Quiz Bowl contests.  The members of the 2014-2015 HMS Quiz Bowl Team in fifth and sixth grades are: Kinsey Urbom, Damian Smith, Levi Kruse, Daniel Stroh, Mason Hein, Alexis Englund, Rudy Sanko, Kade Komenda, Carlos Rivera, Bailey Johnson, Delaney Ham, Little Reed, Lacy Biltoft, Neavah Wellington, Elissa Hastings, Hope Anderson, Nelson Milks, Quin Lamon, Ella Roach, Paige Sheperd

7th Grade Science Students Conduct Rat Diet Experiments
by Jack Hild
In seventh grade science we have been conducting an experiment on how different
diets affect the way rats gain weight.  The rats are fed one of six different diets.  The diets are:
junk food, dairy, meat, grains, dog food, and fruits and vegetables.  The students make
predictions on which rats will gain weight fastest.  We weigh the rats two or three times a week
to graph weight gain.  Much to the students surprise we are finding out that the rats lose
weight on junk food.  That is the diet most of them thought would make the rats gain weight.  
When we end the experiment in two to three weeks we will discuss why the diets worked like
they did.  I hope this will help led to good eating habits for the students.

Holdrege Middle School Academic Quiz Bowl Finishes HIgh in the 2015 Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl National Contest, America Answers!
by Ron Evans
The Holdrege Middle School Academic Quiz Bowl seventh and eighth grade Team competed  online nationally in the Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl contest, America Answers. All sizes or  classes of schools from all over the America competed in the National Quiz Bowl Contest. The  schools ranged from private, high academic achieving, selective schools to specialized public  middle schools and many diversified types of middle schools in America.  The contest consisted of 100 questions over many different academic areas: Mathematics,  English, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. Teams were given a choice of four answers to an  online multiple­ choice question, with points being awarded for speed of choosing the answer,  and the correctness in the answer. 
All schools participate in the contest on the same day.  The contest had over 200 schools competing nationally at the seventh and eighth grade levels. The Holdrege Middle School  finished in 6th place overall. The Dusters finished only 1 point out of trophy placement.  The teams were tightly packed in scoring, The HMS Academic Quiz  Bowl  Team percentage of correctness was 96  percent. This tied them  for 2nd in  correctness of answers percentage in the nation. Nebraska schools competing with Holdrege Middle School were: Gretna, and an Omaha private school. The Nebraska schools finish well in the competition.  The winning school was: Chamblee Middle   School in Atlanta, Georgia. Holdrege finished second in the Midwest, this being Nebraska, Dakotas, Kansas and other states.
The seventh and eighth grade HMS Academic Quiz Bowl finished the year very successfully  with many trophies from the contests they participated in.  The members of the team are: Nathan Birtell, Ryan Sailsbury, Caden Erickson, Spencer Knuth, Natalie Reed, Cassidy  Newth, , Ty Urbom,  Megan Urbom, Caleb Blanchard, Maddie Moore,  Graydon Munn, Reagan  Boyken, Cora Hastings, Hannah Hofaker, Faith Anderson, Eli Dutcher, Matt Anderson, Seth Connell,  Dantley Edgren. Ethan Twohig. 

Top 10 Reasons to Read
1. Mental Stimulation – “Use it or lose it”. Keeping your brain active and engaged can help slow the progress of Alzheimer’s. It also improves your imagination.
2. Stress Reduction  - When you lose yourself in a great story it can transport to new realms, easing tension, lowering blood pressure  and allowing you to relax. Reading self-help books can ease depression.
3. Knowledge – Everything you read gives you bits of new information. The more knowledge you have the better equipped you will be to tackle any challenge you may encounter.
4. Expand Your Vocabulary – Being articulate and well-spoken is a benefit in every profession and boosts self-esteem. Reading helps you become a better communicator.
5. Improves Memory – Every new memory you create forges new synapses (brain pathways) and strengthens old ones. This assists in short-term memory recall.
6. Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills – Taking note of all the details in a great mystery book and sorting them out helps determine “whodunit”.
7. Improved Focus and Concentration – In our technology crazed world we often try to multi-task, which causes stress and lowers productivity. When you read a book your attention is focused on the details and helps develop your attention span.
8. Better Writing Skills – Exposure to well-written published works has a noted effect on one’s own writing. Writers learn to write by reading the works of others.
9. Better Performance – Students who read do better in ALL subject areas, all the way through school.
10. Low Cost Entertainment – Visit your local library and find books on every subject imaginable. Download an e-book, there are many sources you can go to for free downloads.

Trevor Scheele Earns National Recognition for His Artwork
by Brandy Edgren
Last month we received the exciting news that Trevor Scheele, 8th grader at Holdrege Middle School received a Gold Key award for his self portrait, “The Devil’s Glare”. This oil pastel drawing was entered into the juried Scholastic Art and Writing contest  by his art instructor, Brandy Edgren.  He was then invited to participate in a celebration in Lincoln, Nebraska for all honored young writers and artists.  This was a very special honor and we were very proud of Trevor.  Each of the Gold Key award winners automatically were sent on to the national level of the same contest.  On March 16th, the award recipients were published on the contest website. We are pleased to announce that Trevor Scheele has earned national recognition in The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2015.  He has been identified by panels of creative professionals as being among the most talented young artists and writers in the nation.  This year, 300,000 works of art and writing were submitted.  Only the top 1% were recognized at the national level. This year, only 17 students across the state of Nebraska won any national level recognition, and Trevor is the only middle school student from Nebraska to be awarded. Trevor has been invited to attend a ceremony at the world-famous Carnegie Hall in New York City on Thursday, June 11. Congratulations, Trevor Scheele!

Fifth Grade H.A.L Students Compete at the Invention Convention
5th Grade Students Display Inventions at Annual ESU #11 Invention Convention held at Pioneer Village in Minden, Nebraska. Delaney Ham earned first place with PocketBooks. Grace Maloley earned second place with Water Genie. Carson Scheele earned third place with the Scheele Mobile. And Alexis Englund received third place with the Litterbox Cleaner.

People of the Past and Present Coming to HMS
by Steph Fuehrer
Eli Dutcher as the scientist Nikola Tesla
The 7th and 8th grade Informational Reading classes are busy “becoming” different people.  This last quarter the students have been reading biographies and pulling interesting information about the people they have chosen to “become”.  They have been working on their speeches and posters in preparation for the Evening of People of the Past and Present.  Most of the students are looking forward to introducing you to these interesting people from the past and the present.  The event will be on Tuesday, March 17th.  There will be two sessions; one from 6:30-7:15 and the second one from 7:30 to 8:15.  The money raised from this event will go to purchasing more biographies for the library, along with investing in a couple of other projects around the school.  Come join us and meet someone “new”.

Read Across America Week at HMS
by Betty Bricker
Theme: Oh the Places You'll Go Hot Air Balloon Activity Avery Michalski and Meredith Christensen
March 2 is Dr. Seuss's Birthday and the start to Read Across America Week! The theme for This year is "Oh the Places You'll Go!" The library door was decorated with a scene from the book. To kick off the week, students watched a video of the book and then they were asked to write on a hot air balloon where they see themselves in the future. The hot air balloons are displayed in the media center. The Drama Club also put on a skit for each homeroom, they received book marks, and enjoyed a cookie while they read, and watched the upcoming book fair highlights.  Each day this week the library is doing a giveaway. Monday was a giveaway of 2 large decorated Eileen's Cookies. Winners of the Eileen's cookies were Avery Michalski and Meredith Christensen.  Each day students have to complete a short Seuss activity, then their name goes into a drawing for books and gift certificate to the book fair.  Happy Read Across America Week!

Trapped in a Snow Globe
by Rudy Sanko and Damian Smith
Have you ever thought about being trapped in a snowglobe?
Well, Mrs. Schneider’s reading class not only thought about it, but they were “trapped” in a snowglobe. Well, at least a picture of them was. Students then wrote an acrostic poem describing what the experience would be like.
Sabyn said, “Other people would seem jumbo.”
“ Oh wow! It feels so cold I think my fingers are going to  fall off!” Carlos wrote.
Rudy Sanko stated, “I would grieve at the fact that I’m in a snowglobe and it would give me gray hairs.”
Mrs. Schneider’s “cool” kids have a question for you. “Could you imagine being stuck in a snowglobe?”

The Scholastic Book Fair will be coming to Holdrege Middle School
March 9-17, 2015.

Hours for viewing the book fair:
Monday, March 9:  7:30 am – 4:00 pm
Tuesday, March 10:  7:30 am– 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm*
Wednesday, March 11:  7:30 am – 6:00 pm*
Monday, March 16: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm
Tuesday, March 17:  7:30 am – 4:00 pm and 6:30 – 8:30 pm**

Remember......encouraging your child to read helps to ensure his or her success! 
Bring friends and family to stock up on summer reading.  The Scholastic Book Fair will include the newest titles as well as books that are fun, interesting and inspirational.  Adult titles are also available.  Out of town family members may also shop at our online book fair. Visit http://bookfairs.scholastic.com/homepage/holdregemiddleschool2 to place an order. Books will ship to the school. Help support our school while encouraging your entire family to read!
*The book fair will be open the evening of Tuesday, March 10 and Wednesday, March 11 during Middle School Parent/Teacher Conferences.
**The book fair will be open the evening of Tuesday, March 17 until 8:30 pm during the People of the Past and Present event.